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The Book

Maria's Miracle is the story of a wonderful, strong young girl who had to grow up very quickly. Maria had almost been lost when very young, but she had always seemed very healthy. Then, at the age of 11, she seemed to be having a minor health problem. That minor health problem turned out to be very serious. When this was discovered, a generous, loving community came together to help her.

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We, her parents, learned some valuable lessons on how to cope with tragedy. The keys to coping include trying to do whatever you can to make things right, and providing forgiveness where needed.

Subsequent to our tragedy, some wonderful events have occurred indicating that Maria is watching over us. I am looking forward to seeing her again. On that day I will have tears of joy in my eyes.


The song Tree of Love supports protection for the unborn, elderly, and those at risk of losing their own lives, and is not related to the book, "Maria's Miracle", other than affirming the book's basic message of protecting life.